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Please click on the link below to volunteer or contact Anna Sanford.

Volunteer Form

Anna Sanford is the UP200 volunteer coordinator.

Phone: (906) 942-7850, Cell: (906) 869-4827

Volunteer Training and General Information Session

How to do your best for dog handler, crowd control and road  crossing volunteer positions.  Training session is geared toward new volunteers and for anyone who is thinking of volunteering but wants to know what it’s like before signing up!

General Information

Background information about sled dogs, the upcoming races, trail, and dog care.  Warm up in the Sands Township gymnasium.  Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided by the Sands Township Recreation Committee.

Join us to meet the dogs, see the sleds, and get a look behind the scenes of the upcoming races.


Warm up in the MSU Farm Conference Room. Warm everages and cookies provided.

WHEN: Sunday, January 25, 2015, 3:00 – 5 PM

WHERE: MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center (MSU Farm)



Warm up in the Sands Township gymnasium.  Hot chocolate and cookies will be provided by the Sands Township Recreation Committee.

WHEN:  Sunday, February 1, 2015,  1:30 – 3:30 PM

WHERE: Sands Township Hall Complex and Gymnasium,  987 South M553 just south of the Crossroads corner of M553 and CR480


Grand Marais Volunteers Needed! 

Please email Cathy at

If you are interested in volunteering in Grand Marais on Saturday, February 14th, please let us know.  A number of positions are open at this time, including road crossing monitors and workers near the finish gate.  We also need crossing help at two crossing that must be reached by snowmobile.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Headquarters Assistance: assist with registration of mushers,record keeping, phone calls, email, silent auction.

Merchandise Sales: assist the merchandise coordinator in the sale of race related merchandise to the public. You will be assisting customers in helping them choose their items and  possibly assisting with the cash register.

Vet Check: assist race veterinarians with examination of sled dogs and assist with record keeping. Times Friday 8-12:00pm

Bag Checkers: check each mushers sled bag for mandatory items and/or prohibited items. Friday 5:30 – 6:30pm for UP 200, and 6:30 – 7:30pm for Midnight Run, Sunday 12 noon until 12 midnight (broken into 4-hour-shifts) or until last team has either finished or scratched.

Dog Handling: assist in moving dog teams to the starting gate (physically demanding, requires a training session prior to race) 5:30 PM until the end of the start of the UP 200 and then until last Midnight Run team has left the gate. Dog Handling Guide

Crowd Control: assist law enforcement with providing for the safety of mushers, dogs, and spectators. Friday 5pm –  until the end of the start of the race (9 PM), Sunday 10am until late afternoon.

Starting Line Setup and Take Down: set up barriers and fencing prior to the race start and remove them for storage after the last team has left the starting gate. Setup Friday 10:00 – 2:00pm Final Setup 5:00pm – Til Start of Race. Take-down (fences and barricades) Friday after last team has left the starting gate until approximately 11 PM

Timers and Record Keepers: Document, record and  communicate each mushers arrival and departure times at the  starting gate, checkpoints, and finish line. Friday (Still working on times).  Sunday 10am until 12 midnight or until last team has either finished or scratched (broken into 4-hour-shifts)

Lower Harbor Finish: Details will follow!

Road Crossings: You will safely assist the Musher and their dog team in road crossings. (broken into shifts of 2-4 hours) Friday 7pm until all teams go through, depending upon which race and which crossing you are responsible for, the last team may cross at midnight (12 AM) or later, Sunday: 12 noon until 10PM or notified that last team has crossed. Road Crossing Guide 2015





906-362-3785 (Ron Hewson)
Registration Inquiries: 906-869-2640 (Pam Forsberg)

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