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Current UP200 Mushers

Welcome to the Current 2016 UP200 Mushers. Please take the opportunity to view the musher bios, and if you have a question don’t hesitate to email us.

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Dennis Tremblay1. Denis Tremblay, St.-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec






normand-casavant2. Normand Casavant, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

I have been a distance musher for 28 years.

Race background and best results:
Copper Basin 16th Yukon Quest 2009-15 6th and Vet Choice Award
River Run 100, Yukon -Winner
Percy De Wolfe, Yukon 200 -2nd,
Can-am Crow, USA 3rd
UP 200, USA-4th
Taïga 200, Québec -Winner
The Silver Sled 100 Miles Stage Race,, Yukon 8th
Caledonia Classic Stage Race, B.C. -2nd

Winner of the Sportsmanship Award, The Silver Sled 100 Stage Race, Yukon 2015

Winner of the Vet Choice Award Yukon Quest 2013.
Finished 6th in Yukon Quest 2015

3. Ed Stielstra, McMillan, Michigan

4. Jen Peeks, McMillan, Michigan

I am excited to be racing my first UP 200, running dogs for Ed Stielstra and Nature’s Kennel! Originally from Holland, Michigan, I moved to Bethel, Alaska in 2004 as a social worker and discovered the world of dog mushing. Training part-time for Pete Kaiser and Kaiser Racing Kennel, I ran many of the races along the Kuskokwim River including the Bogus Creek 150. After 11 years in Alaska, I decided to head back to Michigan to run fulltime for Nature’s Kennel. I look forward to gaining mushing and racing experience in the Lower 48.

martin massicotte5. Martin Massicote, St.-Tite, Quebec

I have been running dogs since I was 8 years old. And I have raced long distances races since 1996. I like to be in the wilderness with my dogs and connected with them. I raced Yukon Quest in 2003, where I placed 6th, and I won the Can Am Crown 250 miles (at Fort Kent, Maine) five times. Last year I won the Hudson Bay Quest at Churchill, Manitoba. In future, I plan to run the famous Iditarod in Alaska.


andre longchamps6. Andre Longchamps, Pont-Rouge, Quebec

I have run dogs since I was young… I have raced many distance races between 100 and 250 miles. I own a kennel of 40 dogs with my wife who also runs dogs. After many years running the same races we want to race a new one… a new challenge for this winter! I am an overseer for a paving construction company in my other life.



bruce-langmaid7.  Bruce Langmaid, Kearney, Ontario

I am back because I know I can do better than my past U.P. Races . Many factors, but we are trying to leave no stones unturned. I owe it to these young dogs to put them in a first class event . Thanks to the whole UP. Organization for putting on this race!



ward wallin8.  Ward Wallin, Two Harbors, Minnesota

I have raced the UP200 a LOT!





9. Leanne Bergen, Sioux Lookout, Ontario

sally manikian10. Sally Manikian, Shelburne, New Hampshire

I work for the Appalachian Mountain Club in the Trails Department, managing a field program in the backcountry of the White Mountain National Forest, which translates to a very very busy summer, but a less busy winter. I live in Shelburne, NH, with my brother and sister, for whom I am a guardian and caregiver, and fortunately they love and adore the dogs as much as I do.

Every year as I start the training season in the fall, I am very grateful to have a supervisor who is a retired musher and understands everything it takes to get a team to the start line. I am also extremely grateful for the network of friends who help support me and the dogs (and my household overall!) throughout the year.

There are many things I love about mushing and about racing, about working and learning with the dogs as we travel across mountain ridges and through deep cold nights. This is my first time in the UP, and I am so excited for this new adventure.


11. Ryan Anderson, Ray, Minnesota


Blairshead12. Blair Braverman, Mountain, Wisconsin

I learned to dogsled in Norway, and now I live in Mountain, Wisconsin with my partner Quince. Handler Chrissie is also joining us for another season. Together we make up the human portion of Mountain Dogs Racing. The UP200 will be my longest race yet, and I can’t wait to run the beautiful trails with my dogs.


13. Shawn McCarty, Isabella, Minnesota

While studying the bagpipes in Glasgow, Scotland, Shawn suffered the misfortune of losing a peculiar bet at the greyhound track, the result of which will make him the first person to circumnavigate the globe totally under the power of dogs. He crossed from Galway Ireland to Maine in 2000 in a catamaran pulled by a team of 16 yellow labs (the team originally included 4 chocolate labs but they were eaten by sharks before the first day was over). When he arrived in Maine he traded his labs for huskies and headed for the Bearing strait. However it turned out to be rough going. Running dogs is much different than swimming them so progress was slow. Worse yet Shawn had not bought a new compass when he arrived in America, so he was navigating with his old metric compass from Europe, and being unaware of this fairly serious problem he found himself in MN instead of Alaska. He has been working at White Wilderness, guiding sled dog trips since 2006 to save money to resupply (the first thing he will buy is a new compass) and continue on. He hopes to complete his circumnavigation by 2020. Sponsored by White Wilderness Sled Dog Kennel and Tall Tails.

14. Liza Dietzen, Skandia, Michigan

This will be my second time running the UP200. I ran it in 2014 as one of my qualifiers for the Iditarod. This year I’m running a mostly puppy team in to get some race experience in prep for the Iditarod next year. The goal is to get as many of them across the finish line with wagging tails as possible … and improve our run times from 2014 🙂











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