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Current UP200 Mushers

Welcome to the Current 2017 UP200 Mushers. Please take the opportunity to view the musher bios, and if you have a question don’t hesitate to email us.

We are in the process of updating Musher Information. If you would like to update your information please send updates with profile picture to Pam Forsberg.

1. Ryan Redington, Wasilla, Alaska

Kennel Name: Callintrail Kennel
Sponsors: Alaska X, Red Paw Dog Food, Mary Lee, Juliet Foulds Walters and Geoff, Dog, Sandie Sadler, Bryan and Kay Gabbard
Major Breed or Bloodline: Redington
Lead Dog(s): Foxtrot, Bert,
Number of Years Racing: 29
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? Born into it.
Where have you raced? I have raced Iditarod and all over Alaska to Stage Stop in Wyoming, to races in Minnesota and a few races in Michigan including the UP 200.
Have a training or race experience to share? I am racing this race because I want to get my dogs in a good tough race in mid February and the UP 200 is not only a good tough race but it’s a very fun race as well. Thanks to my sponsors for making it possible for me to race and I want to also thank all the volunteers that help put on the UP 200.

2. Andre Longchamps, Pont-Rouge, Quebec

Kennel Name: Trilongmiles Kennel
Sponsors: none
Major Breed or Bloodline: Alaskan aubut / Longchamps bloodline
Lead Dog(s): Mousse, Bob, Major
Number of Years Racing: 15
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? By my father who was involved by his father also. family things
Where have you raced? Can Am 250 many many times, Fermont race twice, UP200 2016, Greenville, Eagle lake…
Have a training or race experience to share? Not really

3. Sylvain Robillard, St.-Gabriel de Brandon, Quebec

Kennel Name: Crazyhorse Kkennel
Sponsors: Myself
Major Breed or Bloodline: Robillard bloodline
Number of Years Racing: 23
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? My fun is racing my dogs and meeting my musher friends . I will try for the first time the UP200. IT’S MY LONGEST race ever.  My goal is to complete this race with all my dogs healthy and happy
Where have you raced? Wyoming stage stop two time .
Copper Dog 150
Eagle Lake 100
Greenville 100
Fort Kent 100
St-Pamphille 100
Fermont 120

Have a training or race experience to share?  All racing I do is an adventure.  I want to do my best and reach my goal with a smile and good spirit.

4. Martin Massicotte, St.-Tite, Quebec

Kennel Name: Patriotes Kennel
Sponsors: KANUK
Major Breed or Bloodline: Alaskan
Lead Dog(s): Magic and Amick
Number of Years Racing: 20
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? I like to be in the wilderness with my dog team and cross long distances with them. I like to see them evolve through the training.
Where have you raced? 2016 UP200 – second place
Can Am Crown 250(Maine) – 7 times champion, First in the last 3 years
Hudson Bay Quest 2015(Churchill, Manitoba) – Champion
Defi Taiga 2016(Fermont, Quebec) – Champion
Yukon Quest 2003 – 6th place

Have a training or race experience to share? In the Yukon Quest 2003, a race of 1000 miles, I completed the last 500 miles with frostbite on 8 of my 10 fingers. And I received the prize of the Rookie of the Year.

5. Sally Manikian, Shelburne, New Hampshire

Kennel Name: Shady Pines Sled Dogs
Sponsors: Friends and Individual contributions
Major Breed or Bloodline: Alaskan Husky
Lead Dog(s): Bayley, Hyside, Wembley, Ellie. Ariel
Number of Years Racing: 5
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? I grew up in a household with only cats and no dogs at all, but with a love of winter wilderness and hard work, I found myself at a tour company giving rides. I loved the dogs personalities, their eagerness and joy, and their honesty. After four years, I was able to start my own team, and started racing because it is such a wonderful opportunity to be among other mushers and celebrate the sport and all the energy that goes into it. Races are an amazing celebration, and takes such an impressive volume of volunteers. What keeps me in the sport is the support of so many friends and family. I am also the caregiver for my disabled brother and sister, so it is a very full life and the dogs keep me going!
Where have you raced? I have raced in New England, at the Can Am 250 and others, and last year I came out to the UP200 for the first time and absolutely LOVED the experience.
Have a training or race experience to share?  Last year (2015-16) was a horrendous year for snow training in New England. We only had a few snowfalls and it was very warm. Desperate to get on a sled, I ran on so many plowed roads and ice patches. There was one run we did that really stuck out, it was a 10 dog team and it was getting dark and we were checking out new trails. There were so many things that went ‘wrong’: we missed a turn and ended up on a plowed road, we crossed open icy water, and there more than a few sharp turns. What went ‘right’ was that the team performed beautifully like it was all no big deal. We finished as the sun was setting, and the wind was blowing. As I fed and cared for the dogs, and broke down gear, I hugged each one of the dogs and thanked them for the adventure and the work. It was us alone in the wilderness, I felt the expanse of openness around us. It reminded me that the best runs are some of the most challenging and adventurous ones, those times where it shows me just how close these bonds are. Every action matters. It is beautiful and such a gift.

6. Carl P. Routhier, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Kennel Name: Aiguebelle’s Kennel
Sponsors: Aiguebelle’s Kennel
Major Breed or Bloodline: Alaskan Huskies
Lead Dog(s): Clark, Qimmiq, Konrad, Victor, Minus…
Number of Years Racing: 5th
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? Adventure and love for dogs
Where have you raced? Michigan and Minnesota
Have a training or race experience to share? Lost my team goin’ up a hill in Beargrease Marathon 2016!?! Caught up with them half a mile further down the trail… to cut it short!?!

7. Denis Tremblay, St. Michel-des-Saints, Quebec

Kennel Name: Makamic
Sponsors: Vision Nouvelle
Major Breed or Bloodline: Alaskan
Lead Dog(s): Sol, Boris
Number of Years Racing: 20+
How or why did you get involved in Sled Dog Racing? Trapping
Where have you raced? UP200 5 times
Can-Am 250 10 times
Yukon Quest 1000 2 times
Have a training or race experience to share? Not really.

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